Nike Zoom Ascention 20210810

Logistics is very fast. The store is very good. I can’t check whether it’s genuine. I can only say that it’s comfortable to wear and the sole is not particularly hard. I’ll have a look at it after stepping on it for two days. I’m very satisfied with a shopping.

Wait and see many Nike entry-level basketball shoes, and finally choose this pair. The positioning is not high, the middle and low-end level, double 12 Nike tmall flagship store is engaged in activities, the price is very cost-effective. Let’s talk about the feeling of unpacking. First of all, I think the physical object is better than the photo, but we all know that the white defect is not resistant to dirt. I don’t mind. Anyway, I’ll play ball and wear, and I won’t press the road. Secondly, it’s wrapped. It’s comfortable to wear and has a good size. It’s not much different from the last pair of shoes. Then there is technology. With a basic zoom technology, it’s very satisfying. The upper looks like mesh, but it’s not soft. The whole vamp only has mesh on the tongue. Other places are actually quite closed. I think the air permeability is not so good. Finally, one thing that bothers me is the shoelace, which is not perforated, but passes through a thin rope. I am a little worried about

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