Nike LeBron Soldier 11 20210809

I bought it for my son. I had a fancy to the red one, but I lost it on the double eleven. Then I changed this navy blue, which is also very good-looking. My son said that it was very good, the foot feeling was good, and the ball playing was very comfortable.

The picture just took a picture. Hee hee, my student’s technical school has no culture, and I can’t write a multi professional evaluation. I write down my feeling of wearing warrior 11 here. My feet are too thin. I usually wear size 42. After I put on elite socks, if my friends with wide feet are OK, they are not biased. The navy blue I bought is dirt resistant, but there is a small detail. Please pay attention to this shoe The Velcro on the top can be worn, but after a long period of high-intensity sports, the magic strap is very worn. The color of this color is raw rubber sole, which can grasp the ground very well in the field, but the front and rear air cushions are protruding. So every time the air cushion area is a high wear area, we should try not to let ourselves fly on the mud. The package is my favorite place, not to mention suffocation, but it is just good and comfortable Protection. To be honest, I don’t think it’s very good. I feel a lot of bondage. The cushioning may be th

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