Puma Suede Classic 20210807

Beijing delivery three days to arrive, Jingdong delivery speed is OK. The shoes are still very good-looking. I feel so comfortable after wearing them. It depends on the wearability.

I bought a pair of black shoes in ~ before, but the evaluation said that the size was too large. In normal China, my shoes were all size 39, and I specially measured the length of my feet 241cm. At that time, I bought a size 38, but it was still a big finger. I returned it and didn’t dare to buy it again. Later, I went to the physical store in Hefei and found that the size of 37.5 in the physical store was just right for me Jingdong super brand day, bought two pairs at once. Express Shun Feng is also not said. Hard should be hard, but the leather looks real. I hope my experience is useful for your reference. happy

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