Reebok ZPump Rise 20210805

I found this store by accident. When I saw this pair of shoes, I bought them with a try-on attitude. After receiving the shoes, I found that the workmanship and the feeling of the shoes were not worse than those of Jordan ADI. What’s more, it’s really hard to make such shoes at this price. The boss sells the lowest shoes in the whole network. I’ll prepare two pairs of shoes when I have the size. The boss can make some more quickly!

The store owner is very good, very good, very good, repeat three. As for shoes, they are not wrapped. The laces can not be tied. Air permeability, the whole shoe is made of soft leather, and the other parts are all made of cloth. Pump technology, in fact, is not needed, because the package is really good. The cushioning, the feeling of just getting on the foot is totally acceptable, it should be better after a few games. Defects visual inspection of the sole part of the paint will drop, to be inspected. The insole is a little slippery, which requires you to buy the right size. If the shoe is bigger, it will slip. Well, you have to push it hard when you wear it. Finally, thank the store to send socks, identify the goods to recommend the seller, check the link is free, redundant.

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